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Letter to friends and benefactors

Dear Friends and Benefactors, 

We have just returned from the Philippines where we endured the tropical heat of the country.

A one-week medical mission, 11 nationalities, about 40 foreign volunteers, just as many Filipino volunteers and all in all a good, close-knit, motivated and happy team!

Following the mission pattern, our medical mission was a traveling mission. In the south of the island of Mindanao, in the province of Sarangani, we visited 6 villages in 6 days.

Every morning, a veritable caravan set off: Equipment and volunteers were loaded into dump trucks and drove over rough roads, up and down steep slopes and crossed rivers to reach the most remote villages.

Every morning, thanks to the work of all our volunteers, everything was organized like in an anthill and within minutes our doctors, dentists and opticians were able to start work.

Over 2,200 patients were seen, including 468 pediatric consultations and over 900 adult consultations. The dentists had their hands full: 437 patients, each of whom had several teeth extracted...

Not to forget the immense spiritual work carried out by the tireless Fr. Tim Pfeiffer, the American priest on the ground, Fr. Thomas Duncan and all the Filipino volunteers. Thousands of people heard from God and received scapulars, miraculous medals and rosaries.

Like every year, our medical mission was possible and successful thanks to the hard work of our dedicated Filipino volunteers, especially Ate Yolly and Lovely. We are very grateful to them.

And finally, a huge thank you to all our benefactors. Without your support, without your prayers, none of this would be possible!

We look forward to sharing pictures from this last mission with you!

We conclude with the words of one of our volunteers, Dr Luis: "To describe the mission, joy is the first word that comes to mind. The joy that radiates from the veteran volunteers when they come together and with which they welcome the newcomers. The joy of praying together in the same language, even though we come from 10 different countries and 4 continents. The joy of welcoming our Filipino hosts. The joy of putting ourselves at the service of Our Lord Jesus Christ, out of love for Him, and giving Him back a little of all the love He pours out on us. And the joy of offering help not as a purely philanthropic and material product, but as a truly supernatural work. For the spirit and ultimate goal of the mission is truly to lead souls to the Catholic Faith and offer them salvation."



Philippe de Geofroy and Véronique Pedroni

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