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About us


Founded in 2017 by ACIM President Dr. Dickès and Father Daniel Couture , an SSPX priest, the Rosa Mystica Mission takes place in two ways :


  • An annual mission week with volunteers from all over the world.

  • A continuous mission on site, in various places, according to the needs and to ensure the follow-up of the patients.


AMEP, ACIM's little sister and a Swiss association, grafts itself to the ACIM to continue this humanitarian work.


 The SSPX provides the necessary spiritual help through its presence and continuous support.


Since 2007, tens of thousands of patients have been treated!


The Catholic Association of Nurses and Doctors(ACIM), is a professional association of nurses, doctors and other medical or paramedical professions, created by Dr. Jean-Pierre Dickès (1942-2020). A doctor, fervent catholic defender of Life, he founded the ACIM to help people working in the medical field but also those interested in the ethical problems that arise with scientific discoveries.

In 2004, invited by Father Daniel Couture (SSPX priest), Dr. Dickès went to the Philippines and gave bioethical lectures in medical schools. On this occasion, a first medical mission was carried out.

Father Couture met Yolly E. Gamutan, a nurse, and Dr. June Viray, a pediatrician: the Rosa Mystica mission began and these two devoted souls became the Philippine pillars of the mission!

For 10 years (2007-2017), Dr. Dickès will be traveling every year for a week in the Philippines. Accompanied by a group of volunteers from all over the world, he will be leading these medical missions with great dedication, until his health declines and prevents him from traveling...

In 2018, Dr. Philippe de Geofroy, ENT surgeon, takes over the medical missions.

In 2020, following the death of our dear founder, Dr de Geofroy takes over the presidency of ACIM.


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Dr. Jean-Pierre Dickès
President of ACIM 

The Association for Mission and Assistance in the Philippines is the ACIM's little sister. A Swiss association, it was created in 2021 by Swiss volunteers, eager to make the mission and the humanitarian aid brought to the Philippines known in their country . The A.M.E.P. wants to make the Swiss population aware of the precariousness and the difficult living conditions of the Filipinos.

Working in close collaboration with the ACIM, it will participate in the annual medical missions. They would like to integrate prevention and health promotion actions on food and dental hygiene, first aid, etc.

Perhaps in the future, we will see the emergence of other associations throughout the world, representing the mission in the Philippines?


Four missions

Four Missions Inc. was founded to promote and support Catholic missions. It is a volunteer-run non-profit dedicated to ensuring that 100% of personal donations are forwarded directly to those in need. The association was founded by Christina Meinholz, a volunteer of the Rosa Mystica Health Mission since 2010. Four Missions is made aware of needs in other countries, and additional fundraising efforts are done to specifically meet those needs. At the present moment, the vast majority of their funding supports the Rosa Mystica Health Mission.


Four Missions



For ACIM and A.M.E.P., the care of souls is as important as the care of bodies. Since the beginning, the medical missions have been accompanied by priests of the Sacerdotal Society of Saint Pius X.

Each year, while the doctors bring comfort to the bodies, the priests and nuns of the SSPX bring spiritual support, through catechism, sacraments, etc.

Notre équipe

Our Team

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Father Timothy

The tireless, the missionary, Fr Timothy Pfeiffer! A priest of the SSPX, he is always present during the missions and during the year on the island of Mindanao. Speaking fluently the local dialect, he provides through his preaching and the sacraments, an indispensable spiritual help to every soul!


Yolly E. Gamutan

A pillar of ACIM, Yolly is a Filipino nurse. Since 2007, she has been devoting herself daily to the mission on site and has been tirelessly helping the poor people around her. She radiates with her charity and always knows how to help people in need in the best way. She also follows up on the patients seen during the annual mission week .


Dr Philippe de Geofroy

An ENT surgeon, Dr. de Geofroy took over the leadership of ACIM in 2020, following the death of Dr. Dickès. Accompanied by his wife, Fabienne de Geofroy, they have been traveling to the Philippines every year since 2017 for the Rosa Mystica mission.

He has also taken over the editing of the Cahiers St Raphaël, ACIM's quarterly bioethics journal.


Véronique Pedroni

An emergency nurse, Véronique is the president of the Swiss association A.M.E.P. She has been going regularly to the Philippines since 2010 and participates in the recruitment of volunteers for the missions.

She is used to the conditions and the organization specific to the Philippines (!), she also takes part in the organization of the missions on site.

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Elaine Salazar

A true businesswoman, Elaine is the organizer of the annual Rosa Mystica missions. She is the one who has all the contacts: army, local authorities, etc. It is thanks to her that the foreign volunteers arrive on site in good conditions and can start working without delay.

Without forgetting all the people who have worked and still work daily for the mission, in Europe, in the USA, in Asia! The mission would not be possible without all the volunteers and benefactors!

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