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Rosa  Mystica

H e a l t h   M i s s i o n          P h i l i p p i n e s 


 Who we are 

Association Catholique des Infirmieres et des Médecins (ACIM) is a professional association of nurses, doctors and other medical professions founded by Dr. Jean-Pierre Dickès ACIM seeks to support all those working in the medical field, as well as those who are interested in the ethical issues that arise over time through the discoveries of science or the tendencies of opinion. ACIM stands on the side of the Catholic tradition and is engaged in promoting the Catholic faith worldwide.


ACIM-Asia is the Asian branch of the association. The association annually organizes the Rosa Mystica Health Mission, which provides both the medical and spiritual support to those in need. For more than 10 years, the mission has been supported by many doctors, nurses and non-specialist helpers on a voluntary basis. For one week all volunteers arrive and work locally for the physical and mental well-being of the patients. After the mission has been completed, our Philippine team will continue to care for the patients, ensuring medical care throughout the year.


The mission is done with the kind support of SSPX and many local carriers. ACIM-Asia receives no subsidies and lives only from the donations of the benefactors.


IMG_0214 (1).JPG
Dr. Jean-Pierre Dickès
President of ACIM 

Medical mission

Anyone who needs help can come to us. A team of doctors, nurses, physical therapists and pharmacists looks after the physical health of our patients. With much love and compassion, our volunteers care for up to 3000 patients during the mission week. From consultation to minor surgical procedures, we offer a wide range of medical services. Each treatment is individually adapted to the patient. Whether it is a referral to a specialist or a hospitalization - our experienced team will take care of all. Subsequently, our pharmacy supplies the patients with free medicines: antibiotics, anti-diabetic drugs, various medicines for the heart and blood pressure, or vitamins - all important pharmaceuticals are included!


The health of the soul is ensured by our priests, who hear confessions daily and celebrate Holy Mass. The sisters help with catechism and teach the children how to pray the Rosary. 


The mission week is just the first phase of the Mission. Patients who need regular medical check-ups or to be provided with medication for a long period of time will  be supported by our Philippine team throughout the year.

To have an overview of all the Rosa Mystica medical missions through the year, just follow the link!


For some scenes from our Mission, scroll through our gallery below! You can also go and see in our galerie much more photos and videos!


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